Restaurant Gardens

Local, organic food is in higher demand than ever before. Across the nation, restaurants and cafés are looking to local farms and producers to source their ingredients. What better way to provide fresh, healthy and local ingredients to your menu than by installing a vegetable or herb garden at your restaurant? An edible garden on-site has many benefits:




  • Provides fresh and healthy produce straight from garden to kitchen
  • Grow your own hard to source local ingredients
  • Create a beautiful garden aesthetic around your restaurant and patios
  • Show your customers how you are making a difference in our community!

We can design, install and maintain raised-bed vegetable gardens of varying sizes and styles to provide your customers with the healthiest and freshest food around. From vine-ripened tomatoes to fresh picked herbs year-round, we’ve got you covered.

For more information on how your cafe or restaurant can source its fresh ingredients on-site, give us a call: 775.747.2222 or email us: tom (at)

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