Valleywood Meeting Notes

Valley Wood Neighborhood Park Site Visit

Notes and Sign-In – September 16, 2015


Name                                      email address

Sue Golish                    

Neil Bertrando             

Ed Kleiner                    

Jane Burnham             

Kevin Karl                    

Heike Rael                    

Dan Greytak                 

Kevin Burls                  


Ed on turf survival in low-mid water zones:

  • expects 20-30% survival just based on reduced density of turf roots

Plant Requests

serviceberry, butterfly bush, scabiosa, Russian sage, native penstemons, mix of host and nectar plants, Echinacea, fern bush, rose, agastache, tall purple flowers, grapes, apiaceae, lomatiums, culinary herbs let go to seed, eriogonums especially umbellatum

Interpretive Circle

  • arbor with plants
  • shade – burning man art to make shade?
  • boulders around to sit on etc., covered by TMWA budget?

put logs and such around park for kids to climb on/under, put insect houses up

Succulent Zone

  • sedum, iceplant, yucca, agave, cactus

Nancy Pepin Memorial Garden

  • maybe call it something else, i.e. Moose Meadow or Twinkie Land

Environmental Art & Natural Playgrounds incorporated into Installation

  • say in plan that will be environmental art somewhere, not sure where yet
  • use big cool stumps along with boulders & logs


  • UNR people (Kevin)
  • Natural History Museum

 Next meeting

Iris to set up another meeting in October

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